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I was able to obtain the car of my dreams through Alpine Finance’s installment sale contract loan. In a couple of days, I was done with all the paperwork and I was driving in my new car. This type of loan comes with some great rates and payment terms and until I was actually driving it, it felt a bit unreal.


Just amazing! Alpine Finance were able to give me an unsecured personal loan when no one else would. I have not seen an organization believe in me like they did. Also, I was able to find better rates than some of the traditional banks I had approached previously. The application process is very clear and the money is deposited in your account within a couple of days.


The application was seamless and easy and the customer support was available to answer all of my many questions. They were also very forthcoming with information and they guided me in choosing a loan product that would best serve my needs without risking my future financial health. If you need help with any kind of personal loan, these are the guys to talk to.


The process of applying and obtaining a loan from Alpine Finance was the smoothest and quickest I have ever experienced. Even without collateral, I was able to acquire a loan to take care of an urgent dental surgery that my insurance was nit able to cover. When I did not have anywhere else to go, Alpine Finance lent me a hand and I will never forget that.


My dreams of visiting Africa would never have been possible without a personal loan boost from Alpine Finance. Even with a rather poor credit, they gave me an unsecured loan with amazing payment terms. I was ready to travel and I was tired of having to keep postponing because I had not made enough yet. My trip was successful and I have to say, the experience was something money could never buy. Thanks for everything Alpine Finance!

Peter and Juliette

My wife and I have now taken a total of three loans with Alpine Finance and we would do it again. They have been instrumental in helping us build our credit score thanks to their reasonable rates and payment terms. Whenever we need to make a large purchase or experience a financial emergency, Alpine Finance have proven that they can be relied upon. We have recommended them to our friends and we would recommend them to anyone needing a quick loan, even if you have bad credit.


The customer service at Alpine Finance was very nice and responsive. The application is easy and you get a response in no time with details such as your approval status. We also got a really good rate on the loan. This was the smoothest and most efficient interactions we have ever had with a lender.


When I approached Alpine Finance, I was in desperate need of cash to make some repairs to my home. The issue is that my credit score was really bad and all other financial institutions had turned me away. It was such a relief to find someone who could take a chance on me. Even with my far from perfect credit, Alpine Finance were able to work with me, only focusing on my ability and willingness to pay back the loan. I am almost done paying back the loan and I know where to go next time I’m in a fix


Awesome customer service, easy process and best rate compared to peers. Alpine are the best at what they do. Once you get a taste of their service, you will be back for more.


I feel like part of the family with Alpine Finance. Clear and fair terms. Excellent customer service always. Prompt and courteous. Highly recommend their services.


Amazing company, always willing to go the extra mile to ensure you are best served! Highly recommend!